About Us

Our Mission

Why we’re here

At Aakarsh, students are at the centre of our universe. We believe that every student is different and has different learning needs. We work relentlessly to solve student problems using advanced technology and help them learn better. We have thoughtfully designed Aakarsh to ensure that it is a one-stop after-school learning platform. It has more than 1.5 million learning pieces, including adaptive practice questions, solutions, concepts, and videos that come together seamlessly to give 360° learning. We use artificial intelligence based machine learning algorithms on top of this strong infrastructure, to create personalized learning paths for millions of students.

Our Open Work Culture

We believe that an open work culture can bring in transparency, boost innovation, and develop empathy for every professional. We believe that our open work culture helps us truly harness every individual’s potential.

We follow a flat hierarchy and encourage conversations within and amongst our teams. We engage in healthy discussions and invite different approaches and ideas for our strategies and processes. We reinforce our open culture on a daily basis with company-wide stand-ups every morning and the lack of cabins across offices.